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There are lots of buttons and panels to master, and many tools lurk within fly-out menus. Considering the price, what you get in terms of scope and power is a bargain.

A Mac version is also available. Affinity Photo for iPad, a Stuff app of the week last year, is currently on special offer as well. Skip to content. Search for: Clear search query Show results. What does it do? Any downsides? Where can I get it? Now you can apply a non-destructive warp to make that happen, and go back to edit whenever you like.

Bonus: This has some powerful use cases when using the Photo Persona in Publisher 2. You can distort linked files without losing the integrity of the link, as well as warp picture frames to enable quick drag and drop of alternate images.

Use any swatch for intensity brushes, including gradient and bitmap fills. Plus: new distance controller, brush tip interpolation and overall improved performance and accuracy.

Combine separate Publisher documents as chapters to create one long publication, automatically synching page numbers, table of contents, indexes and styles throughout — an especially useful feature for collaboration, as contributors can work on their own sections individually before bringing it all together.

Available in desktop version only. Add academic style notes or references to sections of text. Create a single layout that automatically repeats across your document until all desired images are accommodated. Plus, with the ability to choose a repeat count for images, you can set up advanced templates so that in the future you can instantly produce multiple variants in only a few clicks.

Even if the source file is changed, your layer visibility settings will be maintained. Also available in Designer 2 and Photo 2. Quickly apply the style of any object or text on your page to another. Also available in Designer 2 and Photo 2 desktop only. New Document now includes a much more accessible list of presets, easier preset management and organisation, the ability to flag presets as favourites as well as a clearer preview and document summary. Recent documents are now available to view as thumbnail previews or a list.

You can also pin your documents for quick access. The completely revamped Layers Panel has a ton of new functionality, including:. Along with the existing triangle wheel, the optimised Colour Panel has a new box colour wheel , which makes it easier for you to change saturation without changing luminosity and vice versa by moving vertically and horizontally.

See recent raster brushes by layer. Any pixel layers you have painted on now offer a drop-down list of the brushes you have used on that layer, making it much easier to pick up where you left off, even after making heavy edits to your document in between.

As well as having nearly all the new feature additions mentioned above, the iPad versions have some of their own special enhancements:. Quick Menu — Gain instant access to clipboard options and nine customisable shortcut operations with a simple three-finger swipe.

Command Controller — This new radial menu gives quick access to common modifiers in all tools. Compact Mode — New mode available for the Layers Panel allows you to keep the panel open while maximising document real estate. All-new context bar — For all tools, making many more options easily accessible. New sliders for attributes — Like brush width and opacity, stroke width, filter effect settings and more. All iPad apps are now optimised to take advantage of the increased memory limits available since iPadOS Customers of iPadOS 16 will also get the added benefit of the new virtual memory swap — dramatically increasing performance on very large documents.

Available in all apps. Quick grid — Quickly create a grid of any object as you draw it, including shapes, text frames and photo frames, by using arrow keys. Available in all apps, but especially useful in Publisher desktop only. Quick bitmap fill — Instantly add seamless bitmap texture fill to any shape by drag and drop. The source texture can be dragged directly from your files or your Assets Panel within Affinity apps. You can now also set bitmap textures to scale with an object desktop only.

Pencil Tool improvements — New straight line mode and auto-close options available, the latter of which now allows you to automatically connect the final node with the first node by releasing the mouse button Designer 2. Nominate key object — Gain control over exactly what you want to align to, subtract from and other functions Designer 2. All major content types, including Assets, Brushes, Swatches and Styles are now linked between Affinity apps on your device. This means if you create a new brush in Affinity Photo, this will become instantly available to you in the Pixel Persona of Designer and the Photo Persona of Publisher.

Or if you drag a new asset into one of your asset categories, again that will be available across all three apps. You can easily control whether or not you want any of your content categories linked, too. Force scale everything — This new option in the Transform Panel allows you to override any individual scale settings so you can force all strokes, effects and fills to scale with whatever your currently selected object is set to all apps. Normals Adjustment — Adjust lighting information baked into existing normal maps.

Great as standalone feature for texture artists, but also allows the editing of lighting layers generated from 3D render software Photo 2. Show pixel grid — This new option to expose a pixel grid when zoomed in improves editing accuracy Photo 2.

Create new document from Stock Panel — Drag straight from Stock Panel to top toolbar to create a new file from a stock image all apps, desktop only. Resave package — Resave a package with the resource content being updated automatically. Hugely efficient and prevents duplicate resources being created Publisher 2, desktop only.

Brush Panel grid view — Option to view your brushes as a grid of nozzles rather than a list of stroke previews. Very useful if you want a greater density of brushes to be visible at once. Photo 2, desktop only.


on MacBook El Capitan official version Affinity Designer DL help find : curewilere18


This particular app was the first one to be released as part of the Affinity range, and over the course five years development has been strong. Affinity Designer is a vector drawing app that, despite being amazingly cheap, offers professional-level tools that can be used for all manner of projects. While this is clearly a rival to the likes of Adobe Illustrator and Sketch, you’d be forgiven for initially dismissing it as being underpowered.

But don’t be fooled. Serif describes this software as a “stripped back, pro-end workhorse”, and it’s absolutely right. Designer can handle huge documents with ease and gives you the option of switching between vector and raster workspaces, and the ability to work in RGB or LAB color spaces at up to bits per channel. There is a wide range of vector tools available in the app, and vectors can have an unlimited number of strokes and fills for maximum flexibility.

Grids and guides are advanced and powerful, and the isometric option will be welcomed by many users. There are a number of both pixel and vector brushes depending on which mode you’re working on and, importantly, performance is impressive. For all of its brilliance, Affinity Designer is lacking in a few areas.

It’s a shame to see that there is no support for scripting or animation, and also that there is no plugin support. Ordinarily, there is a trial available that last just 10 days, but at time of writing this has been extended to 90 days. You’ll need to register online though, as even the trial needs a serial code, which you can do here. Affinity Designer is an astonishing achievement by Serif; this is a highly accomplished design tool which fits beautifully into the Affinity range and serves as a genuine alternative to the big names such as Illustrator.

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Inkscape 1. Create everything from logos and diagrams to complex 3D designs with this powerful SVG editor. Google Web Designer Build your own website with this powerful free design tool. StudioLine Photo Classic 4. Organise, optimise and share your favourite photos with this interesting graphics tool. Affinity Designer for Mac 1. A vector drawing app that takes on Illustrator at a fraction of the price.

Inkscape Portable 1. Affinity Designer for iPad 1. FontExplorer X Pro 3. An advanced font management tool to help you work with your library effectively. Birdfont for Mac 4. Birdfont 4. FreeCAD 0. Add Comment. Submit Cancel. Follow our tweets for the very latest store news, daily promotions and discounts!

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