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Microsoft access 2016 tutorial a comprehensive guide to access – part 2 free download

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Chapter 2 Guided Exercise. 1. Download the textbook data files and double-click the file to open it in Microsoft. Access 2. In this free Access tutorial, learn how to enter, manage, and search through large amounts of data in an Access database. Go to YouTube Playlist. GCFGlobal.

Microsoft Access Tutorial: MS Access with Example [Easy Notes].


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Microsoft access 2016 tutorial a comprehensive guide to access – part 2 free download


My name is Sali Kaceli. You filter it [and] things of that nature I think of it just as a list now. This is another example of a table of contacts table if we double [click] on it We have a contact number customer Id Contact amount a date and in the type and then a notice we have another table here called invoices and the invoice table has the date number and the item what it was for the amounts and What is your [spAdes] or not?

So those are the tables again? This is where the data is stored? This [is] what? The queries are how the data is? This is new in access now here is a concept that you might want to keep in mind when dealing with Microsoft access databases Unlike word documents, and excel where you open a [document], and you create the document And then [you] manipulate in a lot type of thing in Microsoft access [or] as soon as you choose to create a database You have to give it a name and your the first thing that you do is you save that database?

We have a file tab here And then we have these different tabs of home the most commonly used functions very similar to other applications Then we have here the create tab this is to create different components related to databases for example a table creating queries creating forms and reports Then we have the external data Tab This is basically for us to get data from other systems and import it and link it into a database here in Microsoft access and then database tools This is another tab where we can design the database and define the relationships?

So you have more than one piece of information Related to a record so you have personal first name last name address and so on Relate it to that specific customer Here this would be the field name so right now. We are going to create a field here for attachment and That would be free zone for the picture for that customer or various other fields Basically this step is referred to as the designing this table So we are defining how the Fields are going to be formatted if We are done with the design at this point because simply we could do a couple things at this stage We could either enter the data directly from this table that we and by the way the data that you enter From now on [at] this point on it has to [be] matching the Type that you defined a moment ago for some of this the zip code has to be a number It can have letters in there and things of that nature The other thing to keep in mind is is that the data typically we for now.

If you have a lot of data [in] your table and you go [into] tinker and manipulate the Data type You might the most likely get an error message. I want that [instead] [of] characters. I want that to be only the two digits Abbreviated version of it or you can make it 40 characters long or whatever the length of the field is you can Define the field? This is a field for [comments], so this would be a long text. Put notes design notes for you as a design [out] of this database you could say.

Which table you want to use in our case we have [only] one table here, so Then you pick here What fields you want to include in that Form by the way you can design? Multiple forms based on the same table. Basically go up and down in the sequence basically then click on next and then you give it a name and then [it] says open the form to view or enter the information or open to modify the design even further So in our case here.

We are simply going to click on finish Notice it has designed our form for us to enter the data. So notice it has Displaying the first record that we have entered already in our table now you might say well [that] this field file1 File2 File 3 this is because we chose one of the fields to have attachments and These are just the attachment fields here Also, keep in mind that you can design this form and altering about between the design of forms in that or later as well But for now, we are just learning about the basic concept of how forms work in a database And how they relate the tables so stay tuned for the other Functionality there so in our case here the form here serves to display information That is already stored in the tables or it also serves For us to enter new records and create add new customers here So if I click here add a new blank record, we leave the customer.

Now to modify [this] form just very briefly here. You can click here under view And then choose layout view and you can kind of Spin. You know the manager might say I need a query I need to know how many sales We did today, so you could say okay. We have not learned how to create. Id here is a unique number Then the next one the contract list notice you have a contact number the customer Id You have [a] contact amount.

We are not going to use the existing table So we are going to create a new table by importing the data from an external data file So if you how it works we go here under External Data, and then since we know that our data file was an excel file. We can go here under Excel and then [we] go and locate that file that we extracted earlier from the working files.

Table, then we click on next [and] then this is very important This is where a lot [of] users get lost so we also choose here the first row contains The headings so the first row in our [excel] spreadsheet Has personal the field names customer Id?

We have your customer Id this will be our primary key for this table? So even if we went over here on the design view though this customer Id has this golden key here? We have big tables. So we have the customers table We have invoices table in the contracts table to learn how we did this please refer to the previous tutorial ously We have the primary key for customer.

Id this is the primary key for this table and then under contracts we have the primary key being the contract number and Then the foreign key is the customer id which is supposed to match with the customer?

Id which is the primary key on the customers table, and then the same way under invoices we have the invoice number? Which is the primary key for the invoices table? With one another when it comes time to link them and this has to be done during the design process now at this stage We need to close the tables and then the next thing that we need to do here is we need to go here under Table tools, and then we are going to define the relationships, so we go here on the relations And then we choose to add the customers table Which is to add [a] contacts table, and then they invoice this table and then close this Now notice you can even organize them any way you want here you want to organize them Fairly logically if you can so as you see the structure depending on how you organize your database to link those Tables together notice we have here customer Id from the customers table, and we have [the] foreign key here [on] the contracts for the contracts table So what you do is you click on customer Id from the main table?

Id it can be linked to a different field if for some reason you have it improperly matched there You can right click or select [this] once and then you can choose either edit relationship or simply? Id over here on the next table [in] the foreign key?

I go here to design view for the customers table. Skip to content.


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